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Welcome to Dana Elementary Bright Futures!

Dana Bright Futures is an enrichment program which is funded by an A.S.E.S. (After School Enrichment and Safety) state grant; the goal is to provide quality, after-school enrichment for children, primarily to increase state test scores and general academic achievement.  The grant enables us to provide our students with a safe environment in which the student receives academic support as well as enrichment classes which are aligned with the regular school day.  A healthy snack will be provided to each student while at Bright Futures.  It is the intention of the grant to have student stay from 3:15pm (2:30pm for Kinder) when school ends until 6:15pm (5:30pm for Kinder) to get the full advantage of this after-school program.  Enrolled students MUST stay until 6:15pm, 5 days per week in order to remain part of the program.  Students who do not participate 15 hrs. per week will be dropped from the program.  As with previous years, there is no fee to participate.


*Bright Futures is an academic based program that is NOT meant to be an after school daycare program.


Homework Policy

The Bright Futures program provides its students with a safe, productive, and academically-based environment for its students to work on their regular school assigned work.  The Bright Futures staff offers assistance to our students, however, it is not the responsibility of the Bright Futures staff to provide one-on-one private homework tutoring to our students.  It is the responsibility of the parents to check, correct, and complete their students assigned work.  During homework hour, the staff’s primary goal is to establish a productive atmosphere for the students, not to provide instruction.  Please be advised that it is the parent's responsibility to send the student to the program with their assigned homework and necessary school supplies needed to complete their work.  Should you decide that your student should complete his/her homework at home, you will need to provide an alternative task that will keep the student busy without distracting his/her peers.


Rubi Cuevas

Bright Futures Coordinator - Dana Elementary